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2016 has been a crazy year. We've had plenty of lows however I have to say starting my own business has been a high outweighing all of the lows. I'm learning, trying to grow as well as transitioning from old endeavors to new ones with new goals. I am so very excited to see what 2017 will bring.

  Starting a NEW blog, I can't promise to be more consistent than I was on my old blog. I won't promise perfection or even much entertainment right now. To be honest, I have no idea what I want or the direction I'll choose to take for this blog. However, I will promise to continue learning and doing my very best to improve as I go. Please bear with me through this process.

   On this Throwback Thursday, I want to share last years ugly sweater party. We celebrated my significant other's birthday with a Christmas themed party. We decided on an adult only evening would give us a chance to unwind and relax. We all enjoyed a rare night of fun without kids.


It was the Holidays, the budget was tight, so I got creative. I picked a theme where I could use our Christmas decor to my advantage. Just added a few extra yet simple touches and everything came together quite nicely. 

To stay on budget I served only appetizers, made a three-layer box cake & used supplies I had at home to make extra decorations. Most importantly I used coupons to purchase all the food and beverages as well as asking the guest to bring their own beer or liquor.

We also hosted an ugly sweater contest. The winner's prize bag contained two can holders, a bottle opener, lip balm,  peppermints and a bottle of wine. (All stockpiled items)

Overall I spent less than $30 on this party and It was an enjoyable night for everyone especially the birthday boy. 

Here are just a few pictures: