About - Karlita's Kreations

Hello & Thank you for visiting! I am Karla Largaespada-Herrera better known as Karlita by those nearest and dearest to me. I am a Wife, Mother, Caregiver, Maker of all the pretty things, & Party Stylist. I have a deep passion for crafting, hosting, & all things DIY. 

A quick back story:

Early years:
   Growing up I enjoyed painting. I remember making homemade cards & gifts for my loved ones. I also loved to design my own T-Shirts using acrylic & puffy paints, iron-on patches & scissors. My favorite pastime was making friendship jewelry & headbands for all my friends. 
Teen years:
   As a teenager, I began babysitting after school & on weekends. Every summer through middle school & part of high school, I volunteered at the elementary school I once attended. I helped decorate the classroom & bulletin boards, read stories to the children, & helped with lesson prep. I was assigned to the same teacher every year. She was my mentor. I honestly learned so much from her. In my last 2 years volunteering, she encouraged me to plan & teach a daily art activity to the class. I truly enjoyed my volunteering experience & my time with all the children. Those summers & Mrs. Linda inspired and sparked my passion for teaching ECE. 

   I attended college for Early Childhood Education. The goal was to one day open a daycare/learning center. While in college, I juggled attending a full load of classes, studying, & working part-time as a waitress while raising a toddler. It was far from easy, but it takes a village & I am thankful my parents & siblings were always willing to help. My professor taught us out-of-the-box teaching methods inspired by creativity. I used my skills in arts & crafts to Ace my classes by creating amazing 3D bulletin boards, children's books, & fun learning activities that wowed my Professor & classmates. This was the moment Karlita's Kreations was born. My Professor and classmates would say things like " I can't wait to see Karla's next creation." As a joke, I labeled all my work as Karlita's Kreations. 

* I ran a Mom and Pop at home daycare for several years.
* Preschool teacher at a Headstart for 2 years 
* 2 yrs at a private Learning Center
* through all of my 20's I sold handmade party supplies and home decor. 
* I also helped friends, family & co workers plan and execute parties for all their special occasions. 

   For so long Karlita's Kreations was nothing more than a hobby or a "side hustle" to me. Finally, in 2015 I decided I was going all-in to start my own business despite the push back from some friends/family, who just did not see my vision. Karlita's Kreations became my baby. Focusing on my business has been the best decision I have made for myself. I am grateful for my supportive husband who has encouraged, pushed, & stood by me through every single step of my journey as a small business owner.   
   Since 2015, I have had the pleasure of sharing my creativity with so many. Planning & styling events to bring my client's visions to life has become my passion. I've attended countless seminars & workshops. I do my best to continue growing by learning new methods, mastering new technologies, & keeping up with the latest trends. I believe that no matter how experienced you are, there is always something new to learn. Through the years, I have been honored with the opportunity to learn from, work with, & meet so many amazing makers, creatives & entrepreneurs. 

   With this online party boutique, I hope to bring you a unique experience in the art of crafting. Creating unique quality handmade pieces & curating one-of-a-kind collections for your home & all of your most special occasions.  

   Are you planning an event? I am here to help. From birthday parties, business events, & everything in between, I've got you covered. Let's work together to WOW your guests. Let me bring your ideas to life as I style the one-of-a-kind event you deserve.

 I strive for perfection in every single one of my handcrafted designs and will only use the best products available to me.