Gallery - Karlita's Kreations


Just a few of our Local Creations

Sorry for being a Prick Handmade Card

Perfect Pear handmade card

Tacos and Tequila Tee and Frida Kahlo inspired Flower Crown

Princess party Rosettes for backdrop

Halloween Wreath

Valentines Wreath

Fall Wreath

Aloe plant Coffee mug

Valentines Manquet

Handpainted Halloween Mason Jar centerpieces

Beach Party Centerpiece

Mickey Mouse Centerpiece

Skate Party Centerpiece

Country Western Inspired Centerpiece

Purple Floaty Pool Party Centerpiece

You are my sunshine Centerpiece

Owl Birthday stats board

First day of school stats board

Mickey MouseBirthday Stats Board

Handpainted Apple Mason Jars

Handpainted Aloe Pot Teacher's Gifts.

handpainted black and gold Gumball machine (candy dish)

Glitter ribbon vase centerpiece

Custom black and White picture Letter

Custom photobooth props

50&Fabulous 3D flower Photobooth frame

Las Vegas casino Photobooth frame

Glow in the dark Skate Party Photobooth frame

Pink and Blue Gender Reveal Photobooth frame

Shopkins Photobooth frame

Mickey Mouse Photobooth frame

Large Red Car photobooth frame

Pokemon Photobooth frame

New Years Party photobooth frame

Christmas party photobooth frame

Instagram photobooth frame

Corana inspired Photobooth frame

Tsum Tusm Photobooth frame

Super bowl photobooth frame

Wanted photobooth frame

Custom Butterfly Garden Photobooth frame design

Custom Design Fight Like a Preemie baby shower photobooth frame

Custom design Summer Purple FLoaty party photobooth frame.

Father's Picnic photobooth frame

Custom Design photobooth frame for JJ's Paparazzi